Stone Mansory

Located in an area recognized for the variety and quality of its limestones and the relation between this matter and local people, whose maximum exponent resulted in the construction of the Monastery of Batalha and Monastery of Alcobaça, today World Heritage Sites classified by UNESCO, Pedrantiqua preserves in its stonework

the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation, today applied by our young team of artisans who continue the art of working natural stone with their hands, performing artistic stonework, sculpture, technical and artistic assembly and surface finishing.

Technique as an ally of creativity

Combining the new technology with our knowledge, it is possible to make demanding projects, from classic models to custom-designed pieces.

Mastering the various technological and manual processes, Pedrantiqua is capable of producing columns, water sources, washbasins, shower trays or bathtubs, or even the reproduction of pieces for restoration.