Taylors of Nature

Pedrantiqua started the activity as a family business in the early 90´s.
Today, the factory cover 8000m2, equipped with high-tech machinery and a multidisciplinary team with great know-how, acquired over 30 years, and exports 80% of its production.
We are present in global market in different areas, through specialized distributors and commercial agents.
With a unique sensitivity in Portugal, Pedrantiqua presents a unique collection of differentiated natural stone products.


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We are receptive to the challenges inherent in each proposal, respecting the ideas of the Architect, Designer or Artist, with “taylor made” solutions that allow to materialize expectations and enhance the object in natural stone.
Stone Mansory
Our stone mansory is a magical place where we keep the cultural legacy of technique and know-how that are unique in the world. It's where the raw natural is transformed through manual processes as fascinating as the creations that result from it.