Located in Porto de Mós, in center of Portugal, the most important limestone region in the country, next to Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, which occupies more than two thirds of the Estremenho Calcário Massif (Mesozoic Limestone Massif).

Pedrantiqua started its activity as a family business in the early 90’s, working for the national market and supplying mainly residential projects.

Today, with a adapted business model to current requirements, the company exports 80% of its production, mostly to American and European markets.

Today, the factory cover 8000m2, equipped with high-tech machinery and a multidisciplinary team with great know-how, acquired over 30 years.

It should be noted that the quality parameters are very demanding due to the special characteristics of our Clients and the type of project.

Pedrantiqua is proud to be one of the many “Made in Portugal” ambassador companies.


Since its foundation, Pedrantiqua has stood out for the technical challenges posed daily by its customers, whether through an architectural project or a simple object.

Responding to this obstacles, allows the company to acquire know-how and constantly increase technical knowledge and find customized solutions adding value to the final product and provide customer satisfaction.


Our focus is on the continuous growth of business volume while keeping the respect for stone as a limited natural resource, optimizing how to use its characteristics through sustainable methods:

– Selection of large and small-format blocks, thus obtaining more efficient exploration that allows full use of resources and reduction of visual and residual pollution from the quarry;

– Planning the cutting and use of the stone from its raw state in blocks to its surplus for the production of smaller formats up to 15x15mm;

– Rational wastewater management through an internal reuse circuit;

– Replacement of combustion engine machines with electrical solutions, reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible;

These are some of the daily contributions that we propose to respect and contribute to a healthier planet.